Guilty Pleasures & A Sale!

Guilty Pleasures & A Sale!

First of all, I'm having a sale on stationery through Friday, October 25: all boxed card sets are 20% OFF and the discount will show up in your cart (no code needed)! There are even some holiday card sets thrown in for good measure. Check it out here

Jennifer Allevato Fine Art holiday cards


It feels like I've been working non-stop recently, and I'm sure you have, too, since we're entering the b-u-s-y season of the year! We all need to remember to take some breaks (for our own mental health and, sometimes, to spare our loved ones... right? just me?) so I thought I'd share some of my guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures recently:

Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte
(I know, I know, but try this: I get mine with almond milk, only 2 pumps of pumpkin sauce, and no whipped cream. Not quite as indulgent, but still very fall-ish. Wear your scarf and boots and drink this with pride). 

Podcast: Young House Love Has a Podcast
I've been a fan of home and DIY bloggers John & Sherry Petersik for many years now, and their podcast is just as fun and charming as everything else they do! They just entered their 3rd season of the podcast, and each episode is interesting, funny, and filled with their natural charisma. A great way to kick-off Mondays.

TV: Great British Baking Show
I jumped on this bandwagon WAY late, but it's the least stressful reality show I've ever seen (I rarely watch reality TV outside of HGTV for this reason). The English are just so... polite. And I love that they aren't professional cooks. Two thumbs up. (Netflix)

Snack: Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
It's vegan (made with coconut oil), so it's practically a health food, right? (plus their branding is adorable)

Movie: Late Night
Written by and starring Mindy Kaling, it was Mindy's signature combination of funny and cute (with a lil #girlpower thrown in). It's currently available on Amazon Prime. 

Book: A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!)
By Danielle Krysa (aka The Jealous Curator). While nearly half of all professional artists in the U.S. are female, women comprise only approximately 13% of artists represented in museums. Definitely not great stats... This book features amazing contemporary female artists, plus projects to spark your creativity. 


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