Intelligent Design, 24"x24"

Using commercial clothing pattern paper as a base, I am drawn to both the texture and strong graphic lines of the paper, while it also represents my own personal history: from learning to sew from my mother when I was little, watching my grandmothers embroider and cross-stitch, to my graduate school and career trajectory of theatrical costume design. The paper represents both me and man’s process. The flowers embody all of God’s creation and my imagination of His possible process: a careful, sophisticated, purposeful system that results in the most beautiful, complicated, and delicate things ever created: us.

This painting is 24"x24"x1.5" on canvas

Acrylic, paper, and graphite mixed media painting on canvas
Painted white sides
Varnished & wired for hanging
Signed and titled on back

Shipped from Alexandria, VA

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