Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again! 

If you're shopping for loved ones for the holidays and need some ideas, I've got you covered. Plus, everything listed is from a small business and is either small batch or one-of-a-kind, so you can feel great about shopping small. 

Stocking Stuffers:

Get offline and send a hand-written note.

New Haven Floral notecard set by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

New Haven Notecard Set


For Clients, Bosses, Co-Workers, or Teachers:

Whether their workspace is at home or a corner highrise, they'll appreciate some color and beauty that's also functional.

2022 Vases and Stems Wall Calendar by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

2022 Vases & Stems Wall Calendar


For Your Sister:

She's always making you rice crispie treats, so the least you can do is give her something gorgeous for her walls.

The Perfect Day Floral Print by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Floral Fine Art Prints


For Your Mom:

Something one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and truly special, just like she is.

 Kiss From A Rose Floral Painting by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Mini Framed Floral Paintings 


For Your Dad:

He needs something for his home office that says "cool and sophisticated," but you refuse to get him anything overtly sports-themed.

 Chair in Teal Painting by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Chair in Teal Still Life Painting


For Your Best Friend:

They've kept you sane the past two years over Zoom, FaceTime, and in person, so spoil them with this fun gift set that combines beauty and function.

 Off The Wall Gift Set by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Off the Wall Gift Set


For Your Partner:

They've put up with you for a long time... they totally deserve something as amazing as they are.

Chair in Goldenrod by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Chair in Goldenrod painting


For The Newlyweds:

They're combining lives, so give them something stunning for their walls that they can both love. Bonus: it might even inspire them to start planning their next trip (and who doesn't find that romantic).

Land and Sky 4 giclee art print by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Land and Sky 4 art print


For The Recent Grad:

Let's upgrade the apartment decor with a fun 11x14" print. It won't take up too much space if their place is small, but it's certainly an upgrade from college posters and neon string lights.

 fine art prints by jennifer allevato fine art

Fine art prints


Gifts for a Couple:

One for each, how sweet! Much better than "his" and "hers" towels. 

two small framed chair paintings by jennifer allevato fine art

Chair Still Life Paintings


For Anyone:

Just can't think of a gift? It's ok. Send them a digital gift card. Let them make the decisions. You can go put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

 Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Jennifer Allevato Fine Art Gift Card


For Yourself:

Make your home an oasis. It's called self care, ok? 

Raspberry Lines and Flowers painting by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Raspberry Lines and Flowers Painting 


Hope you find something special!

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