New Floral Still Life Collection is here!

August 22, 2019

New Floral Still Life Collection is here!

I am so excited to share my new collection of Floral Still Lifes with you! 

Still Life with Sunshine painting by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Still Life with Sunshine

While the idea of the traditional still life dates backs centuries, this fresh, modern take on these classic paintings will bring a vibrant and elegant tableau to your walls. 

Jennifer Allevato Fine Art new Still Life painting collection
Still Life with a Green Vase

In the creation of these pieces, I set up still lifes in my studio using fabrics, vases, fruits, and objects from around my home. I then photographed the setup. Working from the photographs in black & white, I created several paintings from each still life arrangement, with each painting having its own bouquet, color palette, and personality. 

Jennifer Allevato Fine Art new Floral Still Life Collection

Four of these works were painted during my pop up at The Seedling Collective at the end of July - early August. 

Thanks for letting me share them with you! 


Still Life with Green painting by Jennifer Allevato fine art

 Still Life with Green


 You can view and shop the new collection here.


select photos by Anna Meyer Photo

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