"Road Trips" Landscapes Collection

April 04, 2019

They're here! My first collection of landscapes. This was SUCH a long time coming, and it's truly an honor to share these pieces with you.

Fairlington Trees landscape painting by Jennifer Allevato Fine Art

Fairlington Trees, 16"x20"


My new landscapes series is entitled Road Trips.

In starting these landscapes, I spent weeks (months, really) studying works by Matisse, Van Gogh, Bonnard, Alice Neel, and SJ Peploe. Color, brushstroke, and vision varied among all these greats, but each spoke to me. It is so hard to capture what your mind interprets and create it with your hands (or voice, or feet).


Waterfront Park landscape painting by Jennifer Allevato fine art

Waterfront Park, 18"x24"


Every painting is based off a photo I have taken while traveling. Some are from photos over a decade old; some photos were taken with a film camera; some were taken with my phone from the passenger seat of a moving car; some were taken quite close to home, and at least one was taken across the ocean.


Pleasant Lake landscape painting by Jennifer Allevato fine art

Pleasant Lake, 30"x40"


Each tells its own story using color, shape, texture, and line to create a unique experience. Trees are magnificent, water is magical, flowers are pure beauty, and grass is necessary for life. Using abstract colors and simplified forms, I hope to capture the feelings of wonder and peace that I experience in nature.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me!

Jennifer Allevato Fine Art painter new landscapes collection

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(studio photos by Anna Meyer Photo)

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