TFAC Paintings now available!

June 28, 2018

TFAC Paintings now available!

I am so excited to share these paintings with you all! I spent two weeks working in a studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and completed 6 paintings.


From a Table in Mount Pleasant by Jennifer Allevato

From a Table in Mount Pleasant, 11"x14"


small paintings Jennifer Allevato

Seated 17 6"x6" and Seated 16, 8"x8"

Three of the pieces are small (6x6", 8x8", and 11x14") and three of the pieces are huge! Well, huge is relative, but we live in an 850 sq.ft. townhome, so to me they are huge - 30"x40", 36"x36", and 36"x48"!

From a Table in Old Town by Jennifer Allevato

From a Table in Old Town, 36"x36"

These are some of the biggest paintings I've ever done in my professional career and it was so much fun painting this large!

La salle de Bain en Bleu by Jennifer Allevato

La Salle de Bain en Bleu, 30"x40"

You can find more of my process shots in this post.

A Room for Flowers 18 by Jennifer Allevato

A Room for Flowers 18, 36"x48"

Paintings now available to shop here.

(contact me for local pick-up/ delivery options on large paintings)

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