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What does an empty chair symbolize?

At its core, a chair is a functional object. It is a place for you to rest, to read, to think. If you see a chair you will sit; it’s just human nature. We are offered chairs by others to sit and spend time with one another. We have extra chairs in our homes available for other people to feel comfortable. They allow for gathering and lingering; they allow for resting and eating. A place to pause, allowing us to just be.

An empty chair is for someone who isn’t there… yet.

These pieces feature bold chairs in just a suggestion of a room. Paint, paper, graphite, and neocolor crayon are layered over wooden panel to create colorful, textured chairs, existing in their own spaces. They are open and welcoming, wistful and hopeful. The movement of loose brushstrokes and drippy lines, active marks and quieter moments all come together in the sanctuary of the chair.

Over the past year of 2020, there have been countless open chairs that were not filled: in businesses, in restaurants, in offices, in parks, and in homes. The empty chair beckons: it needs a human. But it isn’t a symbol of vacant sadness. Rather, an empty chair is hopeful. It’s an invitation, just waiting for someone to sit.

An empty chair is waiting for you.